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A new year begins and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The past year has been a challenging one that has led many companies to reorganize and readjust to a new reality, the pandemic that the world is going through.

Tradingtimber tried, from the first day, to create a feeling of safety for both its employees and its customers, so that the business could continue without suffering almost any damage.

Today, regarding the data from the past year, we can say that we have successfully completed this intention.

In a year where several companies had to close their doors temporarily or permanently, Tradingtimber managed to maintain its growth compared to previous years.

We appreciate the loyalty of our customers and the effort of our employees to maintain a climate of professional stability that was reflected in the closing of accounts in 2020.

We hope that 2021 will allow new contracts to be entered into and that we will be able to further strengthen our connection with customers from previous years, as well as new customers.



Brazil Deforestation: alerts rise to 34,5% in Amazon

According to the Space Research Institute (INPE), when comparing to last year July, there has been a big growth in the numbers of alerts in the Amazonia due to deforestation.

In the last twelve months, the number of alerts covers a total of 9.205 km2 of the world’s biggest tropical forest.

The so-called “deforestation alerts” allow that the state environmental agencies reinforce the control on those areas, monitored by satellites without indicating a specific data of loss of vegetation.

The Climate Observatory, an alliance of organizations in the Brazilian civil society that discusses climate change, criticized the government policy who believes is responsible for the fast devastation of Amazonia.

The deforestation explosion of the Amazon has an important cause the speech of the President of the Republic, which delegitimizes environmental inspection while stimulating the occupation of the region in a predatory model”, stressed Suely Araújo, senior specialist in Public Policies.

Hamilton Mourão, vice president of the country, coordinates an intergovernmental council for the Amazonia and compromised to endorse the region politics, these include the mobilization of 4.000 soldiers of the Forças Armadas, to patrol the region and contain environmental crimes.

Amazon is the biggest World’s tropical forest and owns the biggest biodiversity registered in the planet area.

Read more: https://greensavers.sapo.pt/alertas-sobre-desflorestacao-na-amazonia-sobem-345-no-brasil/

Brazil: trees for China becomes a threat to Amazon Rain Forest


Brazilian farmers’ slash-and-burn clearing of parts of the Amazon rain forest for agricultural purposes has become a concern for environmentalists.

Some farmers are also clearing forest areas for cattle ranching to meet China’s growing demand for beef.

China’s role in importing timber from the world’s largest tropical rain forest, a major undertaking that could result in a significant increase in carbon emissions from Latin America’s largest country. The trees are currently playing a positive role in absorbing some of the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global warming.

China is the world’s largest importer of timber, so Brazil is not the only country where timber is being extracted for Chinese usage. But Brazil has drawn attention because of the impact that a major loss of trees can have on climate change.

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